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​​As an entertainment industry professional since 1986, P.J. Ochlan combines his acting, directing, hosting and coaching skills to help you with your presentations and audience interaction. Learn to communicate clearly, effectively and confidently.


​​We are available for in-person coaching in Los Angeles, or globally via Skype, FaceTime or telephone. For business owners, we can also travel to your location to conduct group and/or private instruction for your staff. Please contact us for further details.


​​Rates are based upon your specific needs. Private sessions are typically one hour and available individually or as multi-session packages. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 


​​Please CONTACT us for more information. You may also find answers on our FAQ page.

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Textbooks can be useful in mastering English grammar, but they are not typically designed to help you sound American with natural, free-flowing delivery of the language. For accent reduction/modification, the Dr. Dialect approach utilizes real, everyday speech to illustrate how and why the Standard American accent sounds the way it does. We will cover rules and principles which characterize the accent, and then apply those principles to real-life conversation. For business professionals, we will include terminology and situations specific to your line of work.

gabriele k.  (English Teacher, Germany)

"I started working with P.J. because I wanted to minimize my German accent. For one thing because I’m an English teacher and want to present my students with a pronunciation which is as authentic as possible; for another thing because I am raising my son in English and wanted to make sure that the English he learns from me sounds natural and unaffected.
The fact that P.J. is an actor who teaches others to sound 100% American appealed to me! What can I say? Every single lesson I have taken with P.J. has paid off 100-fold! The lessons are great fun and highly effective. I love that I can make a recording of our sessions. This way I do not only get the coaching session itself but material that I can use over and over again, to revise what we did and to pay attention to details. P.J. really knows his stuff. He’s got answers to all my questions, lots of techniques to help me master certain sounds or ways of expressions. He’s very flexible and patient and I always look forward to our sessions. Thanks a lot, P.J.!"

accent reduction  ::  public speaking

Do you have a hard time being understood by your clients and colleagues?

Is your business suffering because you struggle to communicate clearly?

Do you feel that your credibility and confidence are damaged due to your accent?

dr. dialect can help!

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