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marg haynes  (Director, International Programmes/ Talent Development - Australian Inst. of Performing Arts)

"Australian actors take their training and craft very seriously. At AIPA we only work with industry leaders and professionals. We have had engaged several great US dialect coaches over the years, but the actor feedback and satisfaction has never been as high as it is with P.J. Actors describe him as giving, thorough, attentive, patient and fun. P.J. works with our juniors (8-12 yrs), teens (13-17) and adults 18+. As a qualified teacher, producer and director I would recommend P.J. to any actors looking for a true professional."

marjo-riikka makela  (Artistic Director - Chekov Studio)

P.J. is the real thing! I've had the pleasure of working with him both for my own accents as an actor, as well as bringing him on board to coach my actors while directing. It's been crucial for me, to have a coach who has an endless amount of patience, kindness, sense of humor and ease, but who also TRULY KNOWS what he is talking about and gets quick results with actors because of the wonderful way he works with each individual. P.J. is able to tell it to you in as many ways as you need to hear it to get it! He can change his approach according to your needs. Being an actor himself, he has a wide understanding of the actor's process which is a great benefit when working on a role for an audition or already booked job, because the actors get to work directly on each character's speech while building the character. I hope you will be so very lucky to get to work with this amazing coach soon! 


“[P.J. Ochlan] is a wonderful actor.  And he can do the accents…"


​​Rates may be customized to suit your specific needs and project. Please CONTACT us for a quote and more information. 


P.J. Ochlan is exceptionally resourceful at swiftly and successfully guiding actors to where they need to be. He has been brought on to several productions last-minute and in emergency situations, and with very limited prep has consistently delivered outstanding results.


Whether your production requires pre-production prep work with actors, on-set coaching or post-production fixing in ADR - P.J. Ochlan brings experience and excellence to it all.


Having worked on sets regularly since 1986, P.J. Ochlan understands the importance of time, flexibility and etiquette during production. He is tremendously well regarded for his exceptional communication and unparalleled work ethic.


Along with his accolades and expertise as an industry dialect coach, P.J. Ochlan brings decades of acting experience to his production work. He speaks the actors' language.

An accent is meant to enhance a performance, not hinder it. Too often, accents dictate performances because actors fall into the trap of thinking 'accent = character.' P.J. helps actors approach their character's accent as a technical element - not unlike memorizing dialogue or hitting marks. This process frees actors to bring complexity and honesty to their performances just as they would for roles not requiring an accent. With the accent not standing in the way of the on-set creative process, the path is clear for actors and directors to actively work together in the moment. 


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