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PENNIE MAE CARTAWICK  (Author: Sherlock Holmes The Sirens Collection)

"Throughout the production P.J. was extremely friendly, very professional and a pleasure to work with. I was extremely impressed with his versatility of assorted accents. The end result was astounding, I nearly fell off my chair when I listened to the finished audio. Each accent was spot on, just how I imagined it to be. Well done P.J.!"

kevin martin  (Desperate Housewives, NCIS)

"I met with P.J. one week prior to one of the most critical auditions of my life to learn an Appalachian accent. Not only did he speak in the accent for the entire session, but he broke down each line of the dialogue into phonetic segments. This technique allowed me to understand not only how to pronounce each word in the proper dialect, but also to realize why each letter made the sound it did. To top it off, he recorded the entire session, which allowed me to study his teachings leading up to my audition."

EMILY PERRY  (Falling Sands, Being Venice)

"I'm 14 years old and I'm Australian. I have been lucky enough to have both group and individual lessons with P.J. to work on my American accent.  P.J. is an amazing teacher! He makes the whole process easy to understand, effective and most of all, he's a really nice guy! I look forward to contuining to work with P.J. to strengthen my American accent - and if I ever need to learn another accent, he's the first person I'll be calling.  In other words - don't bother to go anywhere else!!"

KARLISHA HURLEY  (The Pianist, The Wishful)

"I first trained with P.J. when I was 13, learning US and English accents both in the US and via Skype from Australia. I love working with him because he is an actor so he understands what I need to do to nail the accent in a role. And casting directors have been impressed by the accents I have delivered. I also love the fact that I can be anywhere in the world and he can help me prepare for auditions. I keep up lessons with P.J. so I have the accent ready for my next US audition and for when I land that big US role!"

Alexis del vecchio  (VO - Star Wars, Harry Potter)

"P.J. is great because he demystifies the process of accent reduction to its bare bones, making it easy to master an accent within a short period of time. I've used him many times to prep for auditions, sometimes with less than 24 hours notice... Either by Skype or in person, he makes you 'get it' right away. He's the best, nothing less."

Claudia cimino  (Neighbours, Little Black Dress)

"I have had the pleasure of working with P.J. on a few occasions and I can honestly say its been a treat every single time. P.J. goes above and beyond to make sure you get it. He is passionate about what he does and he effortlessly gets you to a point where you sound amazing on your own! I love working with this guy! He's awesome! If you're serious about your career give P.J. a call. Trust me, you'll have a ball!"

MIKAYLA & SHAYNA CHAPMAN  (The Bonnie Hunt Show, Mikayla Shayna Online)

"P.J. is a proven actor and dialect coach. With his vast experience and knowledge he truly understands his craft and conveys it in a fun and exciting way that my young actresses can relate to. Due to the difficulty of getting to Los Angeles, P.J. offers Skype lessons and this has saved us time and money. After working with P.J. we can say that Mikayla and Shayna's confidence in their auditions that require certain dialects has soared. P.J. cares and wants you to perform to the best of your ability. We highly recommend him!"  - Mikayla & Shayna's mom, Karean


"P.J. is the man! I highly recommend him to everyone I know looking to learn an accent or reduce an accent. He taught me how to have an authentic French accent in just a few sessions! It was so believable that a Parisian audience member thought I was really French, all thanks to P.J. He is clear, specific, and he gives you confidence to go for it while training with him. I look forward to working with him on future projects! He is defintely the go to guy!"

daniel fathers  (90210, Transporter: The Series)

"Recently I was on set in Toronto shooting ABC's Combat Hospital as well as CBS's Flashpoint, and was asked to self tape for a project using a Norwegian accent. I worked with P.J. on the telephone, trans-coastal at 10pm. We managed to hone in on the core essence of the Norwegian accent, which provided the defining attributes that made my character credible. It was a great experience working with P.J."

marg haynes  (Director, International Programmes/ Talent Development - Australian Inst. of Performing Arts)

"Australian actors take their training and craft very seriously. At AIPA we only work with industry leaders and professionals. We have had engaged several great US dialect coaches over the years, but the actor feedback and satisfaction has never been as high as it is with P.J. Actors describe him as giving, thorough, attentive, patient and fun. P.J. works with our juniors (8-12 yrs), teens (13-17) and adults 18+. As a qualified teacher, producer and director I would recommend P.J. to any actors looking for a true professional."

marjo-riikka makela  (Artistic Director - Chekov Studio)

P.J. is the real thing! I've had the pleasure of working with him both for my own accents as an actor, as well as bringing him on board to coach my actors while directing. It's been crucial for me, to have a coach who has an endless amount of patience, kindness, sense of humor and ease, but who also TRULY KNOWS what he is talking about and gets quick results with actors because of the wonderful way he works with each individual. P.J. is able to tell it to you in as many ways as you need to hear it to get it! He can change his approach according to your needs. Being an actor himself, he has a wide understanding of the actor's process which is a great benefit when working on a role for an audition or already booked job, because the actors get to work directly on each character's speech while building the character. I hope you will be so very lucky to get to work with this amazing coach soon! 

jerry kernion  (Bones, CSI: NY, Weeds)

"Recently, having to prepare a Downeast Maine accent, I called upon P.J., whom I’d had the pleasure of working with in The Comedy of Errors. In that play, P.J. demonstrated his enormous facility with dialects, having to do six or more throughout the course of the play. His talent for coaching is just as impressive. P.J.’s knowledge, ear and style of coaching helped bring me to the specific area of Maine that my character was from, while also adding extra little touches that aided me in defining and expanding my previous choices. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

wyatt oleff  (Guardians of the Galaxy, Once Upon a Time)

"Thank you is not even enough. We were in desperate need of a dialect coach and...we found you. Then Wyatt books the role! Then another panicked phone call about pages and pages of dialogue to dissect and learn and absorb with only one weekend to do it. You made it happen, you were so calm and confident. You are professional, accommodating, encouraging, supportive and patient. You have given Wyatt more than a new dialect to work with, you have opened him up to so many more opportunities and introduced him to how limitless he can be. You have the perfect balance of work and fun during a session...Thank you a million times over. You are amazing - Wyatt's mom

Nathalie Kelley  (The Fast and the Furious, Body of Proof, CSI)

"P.J is a jewel of a teacher. I sought him out for help with a Cuban-American dialect and his precision and patience blew me away. I thought I was just going in for a dialect coaching, but he also offered such thoughtful notes on my performance that I walked away thoroughly enriched by the experience and more than prepared for my audition.  Thank you P.J."

connor weil  (A.N.T. Farm, The Young and the Restless)

"P.J.'s a great coach. I killed the South African accent and got a callback. Thanks so much for working with me."

jesse wang  (Torchwood, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)

"No fancy talking or sugar coating, P.J. Ochlan gets down to business as soon as I walk in and most importantly, he knows his stuff! He makes everything as simple as saying ABC. He is so patient and detail oriented, not a single sound escapes his ear. Not only is my pronunciation much clearer, so is my confidence. He is passionate like a cheerleader and ready to jump up and down any minute I make a complex sentence flawless."

jason henning  (3:10 to Yuma, Swing Vote)

"Hey P.J., just wanted to let you know we got the part!...thanks so much for your help."

"Jason Henning strikes just the right balance...in his portrayal of a German officer."   - L.A. TIMES

sarah pierce  (Big Time Rush, Olivia)

"Sarah went to producers on a Disney project. The casting director was blown away by Sarah's Queens, New York accent, and everyone in her audition wanted to know where she was originally from. When she dropped the accent and said, 'Anaheim, California' they were wowed! Sarah loved working with you, P.J., and LOVES her new accent, which she keeps using randomly much to my dismay! Thank you so much for your help!"   - Sarah's mom

“…memorably impersonated by P.J. Ochlan.”


"The absurdly versatile P.J. Ochlan"

Stage and Cinema

“One of my favorite characters…[P.J. Ochlan is] one of the real treasures in this film.”

Roger Ebert

“DIALECT KING P.J. Ochlan’s side job as a dialect coach serves him well…he dazzles with half a dozen or so different spot-on accents, and later as a hilariously Italian Angelo und ein German Doctor Pinch.”

Stage Scene LA

“P.J. Ochlan excels in several roles”


“…handily portrayed by P.J. Ochlan”

Washington Post

"Every scene [P.J. Ochlan] is in you focus on him... God, he's good!"

larry king

“P.J. Ochlan - he's a wonderful actor. And he can do the accents…"

Jodie Foster